iOS development learning resources

Here is a good compilation of links useful in learning iOS development

1) Blogs on iPhone development (Programming Tutorial) (Programming Tutorial)

2) iPhone Source Code

3) Community

4) News

5) Jail breaking/Hacking

6) Open source libraries and Applications
Face Detection:
Bar Code: Is there a barcode recognition framework for iOS?
Is there a gallery of reusable iPhone components on the web?
Three 20:
Tapku Library:

7) Topic-wise
App Store:
GIF Support:
In App Purchase:
IP Address:
Page Curl Animation: What iPhone OS APIs could I use to implement a transition animation similar to the iBook page flip transition?
TTF Font
Rotate Label:
Speech Recognition – 1:
Speech Recognition – 2:
Operation and Thread:
Web service:
Code Analyzer:
Game Center:
SMS Chat:
Rotating Knob:

8 ) Game Development with Cocos2D
Open GL:

9) Drawing Charts and Graphs (Will work on UIWebView only) (a blog where demo is given to create a graph)

10) Map Kit

11) Audio Streaming (It’s a code for streaming video using     AVPlayer class. Same code could be applied for streaming audio as well by minor modification)

12) Twitter

13) Scroll View

14) SQLite

15) Video
How to play YouTube Movie on an iPhone Application when tapped on UITableViewCell?

16) SCM
Which SCM system for Xcode?

17) Testing: Functional Testing
Unit Testing:
Automated Testing:

18) Push Notification

19) Core Data Tutorial for Beginners

20) VOIP

.gitignore for iOS projects

You just started to use git with your iOS projects and wants to know which files you should’t track for version control? Here is a list of files you should’t track which using git –


# old skool

# Exclude the build directory

# Exclude temp nibs and swap files

# Exclude user-specific XCode 3 and 4 files
*.xcodeproj/ !*.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj

#    NB: also, whitelist the default ones, some projects need to use these

# osx noise

You just need to create a .gitignore file in your project directory and put the above content in that file.