How to transfer Facebook app from one account to another

Recently one of my colleague had to transfer a Facebook app from his personal account to client’s Facebook account. (Some might think is it even possible!! For those yes its possible!)
I am posting steps to do this here hoping this will save someone’s time.

1. Assign a Facebook friend as an administrator.

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 6.54.29 pm
2. Ask him to accept the request and become an admin. (He has to add his account as a developer account, if not already a dev).

3. Now he goes to the App Dashboard and can see the app there. Can access the entire app. Good to go!!!

The primary administrator of the app can even delete the app from his account. Nothing happens to the transferred app.

A Big Thanks to Akhilesh Nair for finding this for us.


FacebookSDK/FacebookSDK.h file not found

If you are getting “FacebookSDK/FacebookSDK.h file not found” error, even if you have Facebook SDK included in your project? It might be possible that project is not able to access FacebookSDK because of some mis-configuration in references.

Your best bet to resolve this error is by  removing FacebookSDK.framework from your project and then start over with these steps. Re-linking the framework won’t help in many cases –

Step 1. Go to Build Phases in your Project Target.
Step 2. In Link Binary With Libraries, click the “+” button.
Step 3. Click on “Add Other…” button
Step 4. Browse your FacebookSDK folder. Generally in ~/Documents/FacebookSDK/
Step 5. Clik on (select) “FacebookSDK.framework” and then OPEN.

Hope this will save someone’s time!